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 A Walk In The Woods (Open)

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Allison Argent
Allison Argent

Age : 24

A Walk In The Woods (Open) Empty
PostSubject: A Walk In The Woods (Open)   A Walk In The Woods (Open) EmptySun Jan 05, 2014 12:28 am

This Thread Takes Place At The Beginning Of Season 3"

As Allison walked through the woods, leaves crunching under her boots, she took in a deep breath. All seemed calm. Allison was smart enough now to realize everything is not how it seems. She thought back on how many times she'd been in these very woods since she moved to Beacon Hills last year, and how many things she had seen. This summer she had left with her father Chris to go to Paris, and they had just returned to Beacon Hills a couple of hours ago. No one knew they were home and as far as she knew, no one had known where they had moved to after packing up their house weeks before they had left on their trip.

After returning Allison felt is was only right to walk into those woods where she seemed to have spent her whole school year. She hadn't told her father she was leaving, he most likely thought she was still in her room unpacking, but she had to get out.

As she got deeper into the woods Allison stopped and looked around at the openness of the Beacon Hills preserve. Everything seemed quiet..still..serene.

Feeling in her jacket for the small crossbow she kept tucked away Allison felt more calm, safe. Turing around she started to head out of the woods. She knew she had to get home before her father found her gone, plus she had to call Lydia, her best friend, as soon as possible to let her know she was home. Scott, her ex-boyfriend, flashed through her mind for a second. Should she call him? They hadn't talked all summer, upon Allison's request. Shaking her head slightly Allison decided it was best not to and kept walking, quickening her pace.

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Lydia Martin

Lydia Martin

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PostSubject: Re: A Walk In The Woods (Open)   A Walk In The Woods (Open) EmptyTue Feb 25, 2014 10:43 am

Lydia found herself walking through the woods absentmindedly. She'd been doing this a lot since Jackson left town. That and having random sex to distract herself. She hated that, needing someone to help her fill the void that Jackson left.

It would be a lot easier, coping with all this if Allison hadn't just gotten up and left town. She hadn't heard from her all summer. Maybe she was gone for good. What was Lydia going to do if she was?

Lydia seemed like a confident girl on the outside, but on the inside she was scared to be alone just like everyone else. She sighed looking around, clenching her coat around herself. She didn't know why she walked in the woods so much. She hated it. I guess something about the leaves crunching under her feet made her forget about the almost silent whispering in her ears.

Before she knew it she bumped into something, someone, and let out a scream.
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A Walk In The Woods (Open)
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